Please note: As a courtesy on Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Easter Day, New Year's Day please add a one time additional $20 for your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions (With Answers)


Q: I'm leaving for 3 weeks, can you take care of my pets?

A: Yes. Please leave plenty of food, litter, toys, treats, paper towels, and leashes if your pet goes for walks. Also, I will need your veterinarian's contact number and how I can reach you. Please leave detailed information on how you want your pet fed, walked, etc. If medication is necessary, detailed information is also needed. Please make sure any key you give me isn't "sticky" and works with the lock easily. Each visit lasts no more than 15 minutes.

Q: Do you spend the night with my pets when I'm gone? My pets aren't used to sleeping alone and they may get anxiety.

A: I visit your home up to 3 times per day according to what your pet needs. However, I do not spend nights.

Q: Do you board animals while I'm away? Can I bring my animals to your home?

A: No, I live in a community that does not allow boarding.

Q: Where do you live? Do you pet sit in my area?

A: I live in the Las Sendas community at the most northeastern part of Mesa. I provide services only in the following zip codes: 85207, 85208, 85205, 85213, 85203 and 85215.

Q: I work long days and sometimes my schedule can fluctuate week to week. Can I have you come a couple

of times during the week while I'm at work?

A: Absolutely, as I have a very flexible schedule. Sometimes my daily visits vary from day to day with my clients.

Q: Can you take care of other animals besides cats and dogs?

A: Sure! As long as you leave detailed descriptions of food, care and behavior I'm sure I can do it. I have experience with turtles, reptiles, fish, hermit crabs, guinea pigs, etc.

Q: My dog(s) can be aggressive with strangers, so can

you visit my house before you come to sit?

A: I insist on visiting your home at least once before you leave. Animals that see me talking to their owners understand I am not a threat to them. However, if your pet has threatening behavior towards me, such as charging or snarling, I may have to reassess if I can help you.

Q: Do you walk dogs? 

A: Yes, I do. However, due to the extreme heat from May to late September, walks will only be given before 10am and after 7pm. Temperatures have been known to reach 122 degrees in the summer. As you know, it is not healthy for your pet as their paws can get scorched from the asphalt and concrete causing severe blistering. Walks do not exceed 10-15 minutes.

Q: How much do you charge for a walk?

A: I charge $15 for roughly 10-15 minutes if I am just walking your dog and not coming back to take care of them. The general fee of $45 per day includes one walk.

Q: How do you like to get paid?

A: Check, cash or Venmo