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** A Word About Stray Dogs in Rocky Point, Mexico.

‚Äč(Please see the Pet Rescues tab at the top to help this non-profit rescue in Mexico.)

  In 2008, I went for a week-long trip to Rocky Point/Puerto Penasco, Mexico. All I heard about was how beautiful the weather and beaches were. I couldn't wait to get there. When we arrived, everything I was told about the place was true. Except for one big thing that had never been mentioned - Stray dogs.

  My husband suggested we go into town to a bakery to bring home some donuts for the family. When we drove in the town and I was absolutely shocked at the extreme poverty that the people are living in. There is trash everywhere, the homes are more like small shacks on dirt roads. In the midst of this, starving and dying dogs begging for food. I was mortified. We bought extra food from the bakery and we gave what we had for the dogs. That memory will never fade.

  Fast forward to 2018, ten years later and I had the opportunity to return. Again we stayed in a beautiful place overlooking the ocean. However, this time, I was prepared. I brought four, 10-pound boxes of Milkbones and a variety of wet food. We spent time driving around looking for the strays.  Sadly, they weren't hard to find.

  On the road in and out of Mexico through Lukeville, there is a dog rescue specifically for the stray dogs in the town. It's called Barb's Dog Rescue. When we were leaving, we stopped by and brought donations. I have to say, this place is like hitting the lottery for these lucky dogs! Although the dogs are outside, they are covered with tarps, have fresh water, food, treats and employees that take care of them. These dogs are available for adoption.