About Heather  (Owner)

  Loving and reliable pet care for daily, short-term

  or long-term care.

  Keep your animals away from stress-inducing

  kennels. Providing pet sitting and care for 

  Las Sendas and surrounding communities in

  Arizona's East Valley. Whether you need a

  vacation for a day, 3 weeks or perhaps work

  has you working long hours and can't get 

  home on time, We are the people who can step in to help.  

  We provide service only for the zip codes:

85205, 85206, 85207, 85209, 85120, 85213 and 85215.

Erica is a lot of things; a mom, EMT, an avid hiker and certified in pet 1st aid. She and her family are owners of 2 dogs, Flower and Clover. 

About Annemarie

​​About Erica

Annemarie has an extensive background in dog care. She currently owns a Goldador, Tucker, as a service dog for her family. Annemarie has helped me tremendously with the pet rescue events I've put together.